Append Weather and location to a DayOne entry?

Trying to do a simple shortcut to append location and weather to a day one entry. Before I introduced a variable things were running along smoothly. Now I use a variable for to combine the text into one block and it doesn’t anything. Shortcuts

Hints and swift kicks are appreciated.

Ideally I would simplify the if further so that it created the entry if didn’t exist and then the append could be in the main body of the code.

Out of curiosity: why do you want to do that?

For me, Day One itself already adds weather and location to each entry (though inaccurate…).

It appears only to show the weather if I go digging into the metadata and then it looks up the weather after the fact. I would prefer to do automate into the body of an entry. Maybe you will tell me there is template magic to use.

This tweaked version is 90% of the way there: Shortcuts

Ah no, it’s indeed metadata only as far as I know.