Append to Note workaround?

Is there a workaround for the Append to Note bug in iOS 15 Shortcuts (“There was a problem running the shortcut”)? The only thing I’ve done that helps is to put the Append as one of the first actions in the Shortcut, but that’s not feasible most of the time. Anything further down and it doesn’t work. The Find Notes always works but the Append doesn’t. Thanks!

This is fixed in iOS 15.1.

Not for me in 15.1. I can create a new note or append to a new note but not append to an existing.

While testing and trying to alphabetize a not I was able to append to the note I was trying to alphabetize. Running 15.0.2. (the trick of “filter files by name A-Z” doesn’t seem to work at all anymore).

Thanks for the responses. Guess I’ll wait and see what happens on Monday…

iOS 15.1 does appear to have fixed all my issues. Not only Append to (Apple) Notes, but also Append To Evernote Note. Whew. And it’s so nice that dragging and dropping actions actually works again.

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