App refresh issue

I have a major issue I need help with

I have to copy an otp onto another app and as soon as I switch from messages app back to the Amazon app it refreshes and I loose everything

How do I set it up so it doesn’t refresh

This also happens with every other app I have on my iPhone 15 pro

Please help

I’ve tried disabling background app refresh to no avail

Background app refresh is for background data refreshes.

Additional details such as how you are switching apps and exactly what about the apps is refreshing and/or being lost would be helpfu to understand - Amazon does not clear your basket for example, but would navigate you to a home page on login, and I think is normal behaviour and would match your description if it was interpreted in one possible way.

This question also seems to be more like a general Apple support request rather than anything automation related. Is there an automation aspect to this query?

No it’s not an automation request
It’s an extremely frustrating thing
I go on my browser or any other screen
Fill in my details
It sends an otp
I switch to text message to check otp
I go back and that screen refreshes
Can’t fill in otp
Been found round and round in circles
Feel so frustrated

I’ve not experienced that issue myself, but it sounds like that is worthwhile feedback to send to Amazon.

Here are a couple of options to consider…

If you stay in your Amazon app, try saying “Hey Siri, read last message”. Your iPhone should then read you the code from the last text message you received, and you can then type it in.

You might also be vigilant for notifications. I see notifications arrive via a banner notification on my phone screen. I can typically get any OTP codes from that pop-up and enter them into the app without leaving it.

Hope that helps.

It’s not solely an Amazon issue
Any page if I open it let’s say a form
I then go to another app to get some data
When I return the the previous page it will refresh
So all I end up doing is going around in circles

There look to be lots of posts online about issues where regardless of the app and web sites that devices end up refreshing when switching. Everything suggests memory issues.

Now I wouldn’t expect that on an iPhone 15 Pro, but here are some things you could try.

  1. Close all of your Safari tabs, force close all applications. Reboot your device. Give your device as clean a start as you can without a factory reset.
  2. This is following you across devices, so sign out of iCloud and back in on each device.
  3. A factory reset.

This isn’t normal behaviour, I have never had this issue, but there are plenty of reports online ywt still nothing in the way of guaranteed solutions, So the above is just the stuff I would try (in order) to see if I could resolve it if I had the issue.