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Hi there!
I’m looking for a convenient way to scan receipts. I basically would like a button on the Home Screen (iOS), when I press it, I want to scan a physical document, get a pop up about how I want to name the file and then have it save the file to Dropbox, or somewhere else compatible with Apple Files. I’ve tried Scanner pro, but I find the workflows to be a bit clunky.

Anyone has any ideas?

Have you tried the Scan Document action in Shortcuts? Uses the Files app scanning feature.

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I’ve searched for it in shortcuts, can’t find anything?
Am I doing something wrong?

If you download the free Shortcuts utility app Actions

… this might do the sort of thing you want.

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You know what. That’s my bad. That action comes with the iOS 17 Beta.

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Oh, then I’ll have to wait :slight_smile:

Thank you, I’ll try it out!

I use these shortcut to scan text
From the camera

From saved image

Hope this helps

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Just to note that scanning an image is not OCR, which is the basis for getting text from an image. The two are often comb need with the scanning process where a PDF combines an image and a text layer.

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there is an app called “Toolbox Pro” that will give you the scan action (and many others) in Shortcuts.

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Here is a Shortcut that will do what you are after. You can save the Shortcut to your home screen so that it can be run from a single tap.

It requires the free Actions app for Shortcuts.

Download Shortcut

When you download the Shortcut, you will be asked where you want the receipts to be saved.

Hope this helps.


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Well, that was pretty awesome of you, thank you!!

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