API for TextExpander

I’d like to automate a bit with TextExpander. I’ve been using an app called Raycast which is similar to Alfred. It supports scripts to create custom commands. And I’m looking for a way to list all the snippets from my TextExpander, so that I don’t have to have two pallets (Raycast and TextExpander) and access them all in one app.

I couldn’t find any docs regarding AppleScript support from TextExpander. I couldn’t find any local database file either yet.

Does anyone have any idea?

Try here:


And of course the AppleScript dictionary available via most AppleScript editors.

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Wow, I didn’t find this before. Thanks a lot!
I’ll post here if I end up doing something fun.

Wow! I’d like to both add and, gasp, remove expansions…

… For a customer study I could temporarily add the customer name and maybe machine names, etc. I don’t want, say, ccust to expand to “Client A” when I’ve moved onto “Client B”.

Also, I might want to bulk load expansions of technical terms. (Actually mostly stop, say “zIIP” turning into “zip”, more than expand it to “z Integrated Information Processor”.)

Just some thoughts on how using the API might help me.

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Several years back I published a process that allowed you to time bound snippets. I suspect some of the elements of that could be reused if you want to automate transference.

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Wow, a lot to learn here. I’ll take a look at your post after work :slight_smile: