Anyone using a foot pedal with KM?

I’m dealing with RSI issues in my hands and researching a foot pedal to use instead of a mouse. There’s one by Kinesis, one by a smaller Michigan based company, and some generic ones on Amazon. I’m hoping that, regardless of the software provided by each one, I could theoretically program the buttons with Keyboard Maestro and/or Karabiner Elements. Has anyone used any of these? Any experience with this? Anything to watch out for? Thanks!


How about one of these kinds of things. I believe they are basically bluetooth keyboards in disguise.

I just posted a related question, inspired by this one, on the Keyboard Maestro forum:

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I’ve got one set up now that works with KM (via Karabiner). Text below copied from MPU thread. Foot Pedal Recommendations? - #2 by BiggKhalil - Tech Support - MPU Talk

I’ve got one of the knockoff ones from Amazon arriving today!
(got the idea from this week’s MPU episode).

Works out of the box with Karabiner elements. Initially (mine at least) is a b key, so I could just remap b from that device onto F20 (or anything else), and then it works fine with KM. However, it is only a single press - so holding it down doesn’t register as holding (which is my target use). Instructions say I’ll need to boot into windows to change the pedal settings, so I’ll try that sometime in the future. Just wanted to update here to let you know that if you just want it as a KM trigger it works.

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Just wanted to post an update – I landed on this Ikkegol USB two pedal option because I wasn’t ready to drop $150 on some of the nicer ones yet.

I was able to get it set up with Karabiner Elements. Like @KevinC the right was set as “b” and the left was “a,” so I remapped those to mouse buttons. This pedal does support clicking and holding, which has been a huge lifesaver for my RSI issues. I can hold my foot down and move my mouse around to drag.

Only complaint is that the angle of the pedals is a little high, so I can’t comfortably leave my foot on the pedal. I have to stomp it and take my foot off. But honestly it’s not that big of a deal so I feel like this is a pretty big win for less than $50.

Hope that’s helpful to others! Also lol @KevinC I guess we are both on the MPU and Automators forums! :wave:


add a foot mat to elevate your feet, a couple books might help

Did you have to configure that in Windows? I noticed in the product description:

[Y]ou’ll need to configure the device on a Windows machine. After successful configuration, you may then use the device on your Linux, Mac or other system computer.

I could do that on one of the Windows machines at the office, I guess. I don’t have access to one at home.

I kind of like the idea of something like this being USB instead of Bluetooth because you don’t have to worry about charging it. I need to look into whether I can get mine to “press and hold” not just “press and repeat”.