Anyone use an Aqara Cube?

I have no Aqara products, pretty sure I don’t need this, but I’m intrigued. :slight_smile:

I saw these advertised a few times in January/February this year. They were on a YouTube ad I think.

They look “fun” and tempting to roll like a die, but I couldn’t help thinking what happens when you inevitably knock it over or move it accidentally? It is going to start triggering various gesture-based automations is it not?

My impression was kind of like someone took a remote control and thought, how can I make this more fun, more abstract, but without the day-to-day practicality.

I figured if I got one, and the hub it requires, I’d probably have to buy a bell jar to keep the cube under so it wasn’t accidentally tripped. More realistically with my kids (and me) around, maybe a safe would be required? :rofl:

I have 2 of the non-HomeKit ones, and they’re fun, but it’s definitely fiddly. I’ve found knocking them off tables doesn’t tend to trigger automations, which is quite handy!


Reviving an old thread - I’ve seen people connecting HA with KM maestro. I’d love to see the cube in action controlling the Mac… Stream deck style!