Anyone on beta 15.2 who can report on how stable Shortcuts are?

I still haven’t updated to i(Pad)OS 15, and I’m reluctant to do so until I can be reasonably sure that making the jump won’t also necessitate hours rebuilding Shortcuts I’ve come to depend on. That said, while I’ve heard about a lot of bugs through earlier beta cycles, I don’t have a clear sense of how badly my set-up might be affected. So, two questions:

  • Can anyone testing beta 15.2 comment on Shortcuts stability?
  • Are there any (well maintained) “state of the Shortcuts” sites/pages anywhere that list i(Pad)OS main/beta/dev releases and user-reported bugs for quick/easy reference? Something like iTextEditors - iPhone and iPad text/code editors and writing tools compared for Shortcuts bugs? I’m keeping an eye on various subreddits, but again, I’ve found it hard to get a clear enough picture of the state of things to make a decision about whether it’s time to upgrade or not…
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I’m finding not much difference than 15.1. No better. No worse. Just as buggy and I don’t feel there has been any improvement. At least not in terms of stability.

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