Anyone have a Tip Calculator Shortcut that splits bill between X amount if people?

I have seen a tip calculator out there but haven’t found one that can also split the bill between X amount of people.
Has anyone came across any good tip calculators to use at restaurants when out with multiple couples?

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Something like this?

And a slightly longer version with a bit more info if you need to convince disbelieving dinner guests :wink:

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This is nice as it can be run from today screen widget nicely and shows dial number pad.
Can percent be a popup list?
15, 18 , 20, other, then show dial
Pad popup if “other” selected.
Can results be auto copied to clipboard to easily be shared.
Wish apple allows for a number a scroll wheel for amount of people for example.
I continued to get amazed on what u guys create with this shortcut application.

Yes, those enhancements can be added fairly easily.

See link to updated shortcut below.

Have also added a few comments to make it clearer what’s happening at each stage.

As you say, there’s no way to do a scroll wheel to pick the number of people. If you only ever dined with a relatively small number then you could do it as a list in a similar way to the tip percentage.

Super Cool
Thank You

Is there a way by chance to change the font color on end results?
Total Due would be in Green
Tip amount text would be in red or does Apple only allow all to be in white?
Thanks again for the assistance in this.
I wish I could find some YouTube training channels to be able to create things like this.

As an aside, Toolbox Pro has a really useful Perform Calculation action that greatly simplifies certain mathematic calculations. Multiple operations can be combined into one step. — jay

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Render the results from HTML into rich text, and display in a Quick Look action.

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Thanks for mentioning, I hadn’t got to that action yet in Toolbox Pro’s bag of goodies. Probably wouldn’t have used it in this particular instance as I needed most of the intermediate results and it would have limited the “shareability” of the Shortcut, but definitely useful for future reference.

The downside to this approach if you’re running the shortcut from the widget is that the Quick Look action takes you out of the widget display and into the full Shortcuts app and then leaves you there when done (appreciate you probably know this, but just highlighting for others).

This is why I stuck with Show Result, which remains within the widget, but unfortunately doesn’t allow any output customisation.

So as is often the case it comes down to where you want to compromise.

Some resources I’d recommend for getting into shortcuts more deeply…

MacSparky’s Video Field Guide

Rosemary Orchard’s Take Control Book

The Tech Craft YouTube channel

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Or Matt Cassinelli

This is not exactly what you’re asking for, but… If you have an Apple Watch, the calculator app in Watch OS 6 can do that.

Split X amount of money between Y number of people.

I don’t have any ShortCut solution, but this is what I use.

Thanks. Didn’t realize watch had that option.