Anyone have a Shortcut to download a movie from youtube

and push it to dropbox or a local network drive. The reason I ask is sometimes I see old movies or documentaries that I think must be public domain or past copyright? I’m guessing if they’re on YT and in the PD that’s okay? Not entirely sure though.


The only way I’m aware to do what you’d like is to have a shortcut which ssh’s into a mac/PC and then run’s youtube-dl which can then store the video on any service you’d like (dropbox, icloud drive etc). As far as I know, there’s no way to do this entirely on device.

Open to hear from others on this matter.

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I hear you, thanks. Just wanted to make sure that there wasn’t some obvious thing I was missing.

This post explains how I do it:

In short, a URL is added to a text file on Dropbox, which syncs to a Mac, which downloads the video via Downie (or YouTube-dl).


Wow that’s detailed, thx very much!

This one still work for me sometimes

I mostly use youtube-dl on the mac.
Trigger that through a text file I store on icloud from the ipad, and hazel picks that up and sorts everything out.

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I’ll check it out, thanks!!