Anyone have a Drafts alternative?

Drafts has caused a problem for me.

I love the actions, the markdown format, and the way I can just pull it out to dump text in from anywhere.

But there are issues:

  1. syncing not working between iPad/iPhone
  2. action groups not loading on iPhone
  3. subscription for adding actions/changing themes

Does anyone have an i(Pad)OS alternative to Drafts?


  1. must be usable offline
  2. free. this app is useful, but not useful enough for me to spend $$$
  3. uses plaintext/markdown format

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I emailed the dev and he troubleshooted my issue. All problems now solved. Pro tip for anyone who has syncing issues with Drafts: delete the app off all your devices, power them off, turn them on, reinstall apps.

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1writer -

sorry not free but scriptable in JS

Really glad you got this sorted!

David and I are going to have to take a look at 1Writer though :nerd_face:

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Great news! Glad that worked out.

whoa! Rosemary Orchard responded to my post!

the Automators fan in me freaked out for a second there :slight_smile:

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In case others are looking for a Drafts replacement using Shortcuts, check out this post about how I did it.

I’ve done this too cause I just found out you need Drafts Pro to append to a note. Kind of sad it can’t do what APPLE NOTES can do for free.

Only have a little experience with, but Bear might do the job for you. (Though as far as free options go, Apple Notes really isn’t bad either, but I suspect that’s not a very helpful answer.)

As for paid options, I can’t recommend iA Writer enough. Might be the best value per dollar I’ve ever gotten from any software.

try kiwi it’s a personal wiki in markdown