Anyone else stopping using Shortcuts in ios 14?

I have about 100-ish shortcuts on my phone and I used to be delighted every time one was either automatically run, or did a long process for me. It was amazing watching a 50+ step shortcut run, gathering, formatting, and displaying data. Doing great things for me.

Then, I installed ios 14.

Who thought that having “Show when run” on by default with no global toggle was a good idea? Shortcuts has gone from a delight to a source of stress. I have no interest in going back through my 100’s (maybe 1000’s?) of actions, searching out which as 3rd party actions, and disabling “Show when run”









Gotta say, I mostly think the Shortcuts team was one of the best at Apple. I don’t know who’s idea this was, but I think I’d like to see them get a (mild!) electric shock every time anyone sees one of those stupid alerts.


I have this problem as well. But Only with some actions from ToolBoxPro.

Show when run default on
The developer (Alex Hay) is aware of this, and says he will be fixing these shown when run’ fields which are set to ‘on’ after the transition to iOS. 14.

Discord link with answer from developer

So If you are using Toolbox pro actions in your shortcuts that are having these problems, then maybe a new version would fix this.


Yes, same here. I had to repair quite a few Shortcuts on both my iPhone and iPad. I don’t sync my shortcuts between both devices, because several shortcuts on my iPhone don’t make sense on my iPad and the other way around. It also prevents errors from being synchronized.

But I really like the folders in iOS 14 and I also have a shortcut I use daily, that crashed on a regular basis in iOS 13, but now works fine.

I think TBP is one of the major offenders. Honestly, I stopped looking almost as soon as I did a little research and saw that there wasn’t a global toggle. If this is something Alex can fix that will be huge!

Do you know if Data Jar is also impacted? I use both TBP and DJ in nearly every (non-trivial) Shortcut, so if those 2 are solved I can consider using Shortcuts again.

I was pretty excited to check them out. If the TBP fix is real, maybe I’ll have my chance later this year.

I’ve got 2 fairly significant shortcuts that I used quite a bit (a movie review template and my weekly health summary) plus lots of smaller utility shortcuts that I’ve just given up on right now. The value I’ll get in the future for having them work just isn’t worth the stress today dealing with the mess Apple dumped in my lap.

I was considering just deleting all my shortcuts so I didn’t see a reminder of what I lost in every share sheet, but not I’m at least keeping my fingers crossed for another month or 2 that I’ll get them back.

I have checked DataJar for you. You can also do this yourself.

I added all DataJar actions to a new shortcut. None of the actions had a ‘Show when run’ toggle.

So no, I don’t think DataJar has this problem. And not all of the Toolbox actions have this problem.