Any way to wake up with a radio station?

I’m trying to find a way to wake up with a radio station, could anyone think of a way to make my phone be able to do that?
The problem is that time automation could not run automatically without interacting with your phone.
I have a shortcut that runs the radio station in Apple music.
Any way to run it on a time without interacting with my phone?

There are a lot of apps on the (UK) app store if you search for “alarm clock radio”. I’d start with looking at what’s available there.

I don’t know of any native way of doing that.

I have a Shortcut that runs when I hit ‘Snooze’ on my morning alarm – it turns on the lights in my bedroom, but I’m sure it could start a stream too. That’s not exactly what you’re looking for, I know, but it’s as close as I think you can get without a 3rd party app.

yes, i want it without the click on alarm off / snooze, but time is excluded from the automations :frowning:

yeah, i tried some but none seems to have in it, where apple music radio has it…

Hallo Bart,

The URL to stream Kink is

If you have VLC on your iPhone you can use this Shortcut to stream it:

Or you can use Safari to stream it, with this Shortcut:

yeah, i allready managed to make a direct shortcut to apple music, where kink is also available. but then you have to call it with a times, which is not available to call on a time without interaction. So you’ll need a third party app that can start it on a certain time, and most “alarm clock radio” apps doesn’t include kink :wink:

Managed to do it with automations: Workaround from apple's block to do things on time without interaction?

Sorry, my mistake. I thought you also didn’t have a way to start streaming.

For some time I had an alarm to play a mp3 that contained a voice recording of myself saying “Alexa, play radio station X” + 15min. of silence.
Worked flawlessly, but now the echo echosystem is able to wake you up natively with online radios.