Any way to access the „identifier“ of an apple note with Shortcuts?

Hi guys,

I‘m currently switching from evernote to drafts (for my personal notes) and apple notes for shared notes on projects.
I‘d like to find a good solution to create links between notes.
I already found a way on reddit to link notes with two shortcuts, by using the creation date and searching again. this works, but is not useable on the mac…

So I wondered if its possible to access the „identifier“ of the INNote Object in the contentgraph of a note.
I was experimenting with the „get Object from class“ action but this only revealed the title and content of the note. maybe here is someone who knows if its possible to access this identifier.
I can of course copy the link and then insert it again, but this is not a real practical way for me…

See the screenshots attached for the testing shortcut:

You can download the example shortcut here:

I’m not 100% sure on this, but I had thought that if it wasn’t a natively supported class in Shortcuts, you couldn’t reference it. I think that there were some experiments around encoding and dictionaries when the Get Object of Class action first appeared that supported this.

Maybe it is something that an app like Toolbox Pro could support in some way in the future?

As a workaround, could you consider adding your own UUID to each note and searching for that as the note ID?

I’d recommend going the route @sylumer has mentioned as it would be the easiest thing to do as far as creating your own identifier.

Here’s my post from a little over a year ago in regards to getting the identifier via content graph but there’s no action or tool that’s capable of pulling the info directly from the content graph.

Get URL of Note - Copy Note URL to Clipboard. Shortcuts 2.2 required - shortcuts

Actually I asked Toolbox pro if this is possible, but it’s not. He will just receive a copy of the note, not the not itself so on chance to get the actual identifier.

Actually I got the idea from your post on reddit:)
I use other actions to create a link based on the creation date right now and I hope Apple will open this up in iOS 14 :wink:

I’ve found this while poking around the idea of jumping from Evernote as well. Links with this workaround do work on macOS, even on Big Sur Beta.

I had to hack my own AppleScript to generate links on macOS, since I’ve never got to make the author’s work for me. Should you be interested I’m that part, I could look for it a bit further into my stuff.