Any users of HomeDash for iOS

I just got my RPI 4 Homebridge up and running. I have my Ring doorbell, MyQ garage door, TP Link switches and Wyze RTSP cameras installed. One recommendation I can make is HomeCam. It’s a nice camera viewing app for Apple TV.

Now to my question, I saw this app on the store for $12.99. It doesn’t have a lot of reviews 132, 4.6 stars. I’m wanted to get some opinions from this valuable user group.

I haven’t used it but looking at the version history it does look like it gets attention from its developer who also answers questions in comments / reviews.

This is a case where a trial period would be good, because otherwise there aren’t a lot of people who are going to spend $10+ on an app, even if the app is worth it, because of the same uncertainty that made you post this in the first place.