Any other automation forums you can recommend?

I try to listen to this podcast and most times it’s just way above my head. The fact that there isn’t any follow up from the hosts after the episodes with stuff they say they’ll post is a shame. I’m a big MacSparky fan and have bought most of his stuff. I will keep listening to MPU and Focused So no hatin’ here! . With that I would like to learn more about automation tips and techniques that a layperson like me can follow.
Any thoughts on Other forums and or podcasts?

@David and @RosemaryOrchard- I’ve got nothing but love for you guys and truly hope that you’re just too busy for this site because of all the good in your lives.


But there is follow-up, in the show notes, for example at


Agree with jeremycherfas. Is there something you haven’t been able to locate? I’ve always found everything in the show notes.

Also Alfred Forums if you’re using Alfred.

Unfortunately Shortcuts discussion tends to be in reddit which is a terrible mess imho.

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I don’t look at every shows notes but for example, the Morning routine which is one I really was interested in is not up. No notes posted since March 27. Today is April 26

Not sure if someone else has reached out, but I wonder if you’re just not looking in the right place. I see the show notes up to episode #48 (April 24):