Any luck using Overcast actions in Shortcuts?

I’m interested in a bit of Shortcuts automation for Overcast. Quite simply, I would like to be able to control playback speed. Overcast contributes a healthy number of actions to Shortcuts, including a Set Speed action.

I have not been able to get that action to do anything. No noticeable result from using it in a Shortcut.

Has anybody had any luck automating Overcast using this action? — jay

As an aside… there was a short period of time when the CarPlay Overcast app had a set speed option on the main playback screen. That was so incredibly useful. For some reason it was removed in one of the app updates. I’ve submitted feedback in the hopes that this will some day return.

IMO, this is one of the most important CarPlay features for this app. At least when riding with a significant other that can’t stand listening to Podcasts faster than 1x. :roll_eyes:

That action has no parameters and passes input through as output. To me it doesn’t look like you can set a value.

Maybe the latest beta has a parameter included? I was on the beta for a bit but iOS13 and TestFlight trashed it’s ability to update so I ended up dropping off.