Any interesting automations now that my house is solar?

I just installed solar panels on my roof. I’m trying to think if that provides an opportunity for any interesting automations. Anyone have ideas?

At the most basic level, I could just get a daily notification in the morning that looks at the weather and tells me whether to anticipate high production or low production that day. But there is an API for the solar energy system that I can use to access production data, etc. and maybe that opens a few more doors.

I can’t really think of anything to do that’s better than the reports I can already see that show me realtime production data, historic data, even panel-by-panel if I want to be that granular. But I thought I’d ask all of you if there’s anything you can think of, or have done yourself, that might be useful or just plain interesting.

Sounds pretty awesome! I would bet that the data they provide will already be in a great format for what you’d want to see but you’re right it could be interesting to access the API for quick viewing. Maybe even from shortcuts on your phone

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I have these two “automations” using the inverter’s API:

  • widget that shows current production (buggy)
  • push notification with daily production after the sun went down

That’s great. I want to make a widget like that. What did you use to make it?

For the widget I used Shortcuts and Charty.

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Oh interesting. I’ll take a look at Charty! Thanks!

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Here is a map of solar installs in western PA. The links go to monitoring sites: Energy Independent Solutions' Installations - Google My Maps