Am I using Keychain wrong?

Hi everyone. New to the forum and to JS but having a blast with Scriptable.

Anyway, I made a simple script to take a .csv of URLs, usernames and passwords and I want to use the Keychain API to have them store on iCloud Keychain which i am now using as a password manager since the LastPass hack.

I’ve worked on the script every way I can think of, but it occurred to me to ask if this is even possible. Maybe I am missing the point of the API?

The methods seem to work when I’m in Scriptable, but nothing shows up under iPad > settings > Passwords. I also cannot ‘get’ things that are stored in settings > Passwords while scripting in the app.

Any light shed or help offered on this topic would be greatly appreciated. I thank all of you in advance for your enthusiasm for this awesome platform.

AFAIK, the keychain you use in scriptable is tied to the app and its data is stored within the app itself. It’s not the iCloud Keychain that is used for password storage / generation