All the app in the iphone

i need shortcut that open in list
all the app in the iphone

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so if i download new app
the app will be there , an d without changing the shortcut

You can list them in Open App, but I think that is it. Apple cracked down on apps being able to openly query all other apps some years back. I don’t think Shortcuts exposes the list in any way.

You can check this post out I just created. Best method I can come up with. Does require Premium version of Toolbox Pro.

List of Apps - Routine Hub

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I guess technically it isn’t maintaining the shortcut content, but having to remember to update a set of screenshots to be OCR’d feels to me like it is just moving the issue around in terms of maintenance location.

Just to note that not all apps on the device appear in Settings.

The selector in the Open App action in Shortcuts is a more complete list.

The OCR is only completed once and that’s to create the original list. After that, hitting the add app to list option allows you to add a app to the list without having to take another set of screenshots. I’m only trying to help in fulfilling the request as there’s no native way around it. I’m still trying to understand the need for such info, but I was bored so took a shot at it.