Alfred 3 automations

Thus is just a request that, as we explore the various software alternatives that provide users with automation power, there would be some love given to us poor Alfred users along the way. In my experience, there is a dearth of web sources which provide instructions and/or scripts for running Alfred automations. Here hoping that this forum might be a bright spot in the Alfred universe (such as it is).


I’m an Alfred user myself. So I’m sure it’ll get featured!


Have you checked out their user forums?

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With all due respect you really needn’t look further than the Alfred forums. Maybe there should be a pinned post with links to the forums for the main automation apps discussed here.


Good resources for Alfred workflows:

Alfred Forums



If you do then please talk us through creating a workflow in the editor. My experience with it has been a little cumbersome - though I do have a few workflows I built. So, if I’m missing a trick or two, I imagine others are as well.

In my case the workflows are front-ending scripts, some of them through Keyboard Maestro.