Alexa plug automation with KM

I do not know if this belongs in Web, please excuse me if it doesn’t
Does anyone have any experience with the Alexa Skillkit? I want to be able to turn my monitor off automatically at shutdown with KM, but I can’t figure out how to trigger it and I can’t find any type of local interface via nmap.
IFTTT also isn’t an option because although Alexa can be a trigger, it cannot be an action :frowning:

You might find it easier using IFTTT to write a file to Dropbox, have Hazel running on the Mac watch a folder for the file, then on finding it, delete it and run whatever it is you are using to “turn off” the monitor (I’m assuming this is probably just putting it or the Mac to sleep). If your solution requires KM to action this, then it is possible for Hazel to call a KM action via scripting.

Hope that helps.

Just by way of an example on that first step as you seemed a little unsure of the specifics for the Echo and IFTTT, here’s the sort of thing you can create.