Albums for an iOS photo

Is there a script or other tool that will tell you which album a photo is in?

Can you be more specific? What operating system/platform are you using? What do you mean by “category”?

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In the photo library of my 512 GB iPhone 12 Pro Max I have over 70 albums and I currently 93,289 photos and 226 videos.

I would like a way to find out that albums a photo or a group of photos belongs to an album. It would be nice to see photos that did not belong to an album as well.

Shortcuts can show you album details for a photo. Here’s an example just to illustrate how it works and get you started - share a photo to this shortcut via the share sheet and it will show you the photo with any album name overlaid.

Is there something the inbuilt Photos app isn’t doing for you in this respect or is there some further requirement?

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That is a great start.


I’d love to have the metadata exported to my windows PC. Right now I’m exporting all my photos via Dropbox, and using the naming convention, YYYY-MM-DD HH.MM.SS.type to filter the images into folders, i.e. H:\Dropbox\Camera Uploads\2023\01\10-Tue\ has a file named: 2023-01-10 13.54.04.heic in it.

At that point I lose the album name.

Shortcuts supports Dropbox saving and can access a lot of the information about a photo. It sound slike a good fit for building out your export to include additional meta data.

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