AlarmCuts - Record and manage ringtone/sounds for alarms that automatically trigger shortcuts

AlarmCuts facilitates the recording and management of sounds that can be used as alarms to automatically trigger your shortcuts.

Did you know that you can create alarms with custom ringtones that can automatically run shortcuts using Siri Shortcut phrases? You can, and AlarmCuts helps you with this multi-step process involving GarageBand, Clock, and Shortcuts.

Download the latest version of AlarmCuts from RoutineHub

Full documentation available in app.

AlarmCuts was built using my App Framework shortcut and is another addition to my series of shortcuts that can automatically run shortcuts:

Please enjoy!

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I love the level of documentation :sunglasses:, but it didn’t have any sort of algorithm overview to describe what it was doing.

If I understand correctly this is a shortcut that guides you through a process of recording a Siri trigger phrase as an alarm compatible audio file and setting an alarm. When the alarm triggers, it will essentially have the device talk to itself to activate the shortcut; with the usual limitations around locked devices.

Is that a reasonable summary, or have I missed any key points? I’m thinking I might well have!

AlarmCuts doesn’t do anything that people could have done manually in the past. It streamlines the process to get these Siri Phrase alarms working.

There’s a guide in-app that walks users through how to create the ringtone in GarageBand (since it is a multi-step process). And, you can create your alarms directly from the app. You will still need to go to the Clock app and assign the ringtone.