AirTable trigger automation when date/time field reaches condition

I would like to automate AirTable such that when a date/time field reaches a particular date/time, a different field in the same record is then changed. What I’m trying to do is automate the updating of a status once a particular pre-determined deadline passes.

Any ideas?

How about a formula? Where date is the field you have in your database.

IF(IS_SAME(TODAY(),Date),"same","not same")

They already have a date matching condition, but I need a time matching condition unfortunately. I need something to happen at, for example, noon today, if the field says “noon today.”

So it needs to match the date and time, changing its value once the time of NOW has passed?

IF(NOW() > Date,"deadline passed","you got time, bud")

I think in a closed database, this will only update once an hour. In an open one, it will update once every 15 minutes or every time the database is refreshed.

I don’t know about natural language processing of dates. I don’t think it does that.

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That’s okay, I wasn’t being literal. I meant the standard date format for the field.

I will give that try, thanks.