Airtable and Shortcuts

I’m working on a Shortcut that finds a record on one of my tables in Airtable and then and sets one of its fields to “true”. Everything works great. But you can only fetch 100 records at a time and my table has 500 records in it. Can’t seem to figure out how to get to the next 100 page. I think my “offset” syntax is wrong. Anyone have thoughts on this?

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Ok I figured it out. I was missing a”?” as a query. So it should have been “?&offset=“ to fetch the next 100 records from Airtable. I’ve made a Shortcut that randomly picks from a list of the Rolling Stone Magazine Top 500 Albums Of All Time. It then plays the album from Apple Music, opens up Wikipedia and searches info about the album, Searches the same list on Airtable and tells it that I’ve listened to that album, and saves the pick in Notes which it checks to see if it’s already picked an album in which case it picks again till it finds one it hasn’t picked. Here are the three Shortcuts -


Ooh, I like this idea! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Kaitlin. I’ve updated it by taking out the Notes action and just used Airtable to pick the albums that way I only need two Shortcuts to run it.

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I’m having the same issue.
How should I add the ?&offset= to url ?

Hi! I don’t worry about the offset anymore. I search directly for albums that I haven’t listened to on Airtable using the filterby formula.

The “app500” is the API for the “500” album table value that I store on Data Jar. .