Airmail Attachment Question - Beginner


I’m trying to move most of my work to my iPad so I can stop taking my MBP along when I travel (which I travel most weeks.) I do not currently have an always-on Mac at home for Hazel (She runs when my MBP is on. I could leave it on when I travel.)

I’d like to be able to build a share sheet extension to send an email attachment from Airmail to a specific folder in iCloud. Ideally, I’d have prompts for tags that identify which facility sent the file.

  • Is this a Shortcut problem or a Scriptable problem?
  • I can’t seem to figure out how to “get ahold” of the attachment. (Albeit, I just heard about Scriptable.) Is there a particular step or instruction to reference an attachment in Shortcuts? I also just realized that the attachment may not be downloaded depending on its size.

I would gladly accept direction to the appropriate learning resource. I’d like to ultimately build this myself.

Thanks for any help getting started.

Personally I would start in one of two ways:

  • Open the attachment in Airmail and share it.
  • Use custom actions to share the attachments

From there you have the file, and can go automation crazy. In general it’s easier to push what you want to the right automation than it is to grab it from somewhere on iOS.

EDIT - TL;DR - Can Shortcuts tag a file? Found the answer: No.

Thank you. I had turned on Workflow in the Custom Actions, but I had not turned on Shortcuts in the Share Sheet in Airmail. Your reply sent me sleuthing the problem.

I can now receive the file into Shortcuts and direct it to save in a specified location. But…

I have found that Hazel cannot always deduce what facility it pertains to from the contents. It’s text and numbers usually, but sometimes there’s a typo, or someone puts a space where it shouldn’t be. Or the numerical designation is too short to be unique in the document.

I know this information when I save it. I’d like to tag the document during the process (the shortcut will ask me, and I’ll enter the facility.) I could build a library of the facility designators, choose the name, but have it tag the number for brevity.

Can Shortcuts tag a file? I also considered renaming the file with the information (although I’m a step short at the moment. Can’t see how to rename the file with the variable.) But this would then require Hazel to read the name, tag the file, and rename the file back to the proper name. Feels a little Rube-Goldberg.

I have 50 facilities. So being able to put my file (eg. financialreport) in one folder with the appropriate facility tag seems better than 50 folders each containing a variety of file types. Also - when I’m reviewing, I’m usually opening several files of the same type, so having them in one place makes sense.

Grumble - Yes I know the person creating the file could include the info in the filename but they don’t do it consistently. I will get about 12 versions of “report.xls” per month.

New question. Can Scriptable tag files from iOS?

Shortcuts can’t yet tag files. People have resorted to providing extra data for Hazel to take care of that. Presumably it will get added in a future release.

Scriptable has a method for tagging files.

Hope that helps.


Thank you! That helps very much.

Since I know its possible, looks like I need to invest time in javascript.