Adding step to nap shortcut


MacSparky recently published a Siri Shortcut allowing to take a nap:

Notice that I have changed the name and time frame to 60 minutes.

Can anyone help me adding a step to this? I would like to add a step that includes setting off a Calm Sleep Story from the

I don’t see a URL scheme (ref. the platform knowledge base), but it does look to support Siri in version 4.4. With any luck, after triggering the sleep story via Siri a few times you’ll see a donated action in Shortcuts for it and you can just drop it in to your custom Shortcut.

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Alright thanks. How exactly would I do that? What would be the steps to do that?

The reference to Siri is in the link provided and provides an example of how to trigger a sleep story which is what you asked for.

Once you have done this “several” times (the exact number depends on the whim of Siri), check if you have the action in your Shortcuts Siri actions.

If you do, drag it into position in your custom Shortcut.

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Alright. So I need to just need to wait for it to pop up with a sleep story once in a while and then when I’ve done it enough times, it will appear as an option, right?

Right now there is nothing…

I would assume so. The article suggests that they now support it and that’s how other apps with this sort of support behave.

You say that it hasn’t shown up yet. How many times have you actually triggered the sleep story from Siri?

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Probably not that many yet. It doesn’t show up often actually. But thanks