Adding shortcut via icloud link fails

Results in “Not Found, Unable to find the shortcut.” What gives?

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There are various references to this in recent posts on this forum.

Apple have a problem.

Interestingly it isn’t covered by the services system page.


Thanks, new here from r/Shortcuts. Server working again.

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I got the shortcut you had created for the calendar , it works seamlessly.

I have a question

When we run the shortcut it gives the schedule for one calendar which we have selected

Suppose a person has more than one calendar let’s say three or four calendars and they want to combine the information from all those four calendars how do we do that?

I tried setting up the filter, but that messed up the output, I will try repeating the output within the same shortcut with another calendar and see if the result is desirable

I would really appreciate help on this subject

Sorry, but this topic is about an issue with Shortcuts downloads. There are no shortcuts for calendars in the post you replied to or this entire topic to date.

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Ok I’ll create a fresh string