Adding Movies/TV to IMDb Watchlist with Shortcuts or Webhook?

I’m starting fresh with this idea I had, so I’m open to any other ways to accomplish it, but here’s what I’m wanting to do:

If I “Like” a video on YouTube, and that video so happens to be a movie or tv show trailer, then search IMDb for that movie or TV show, and add it to my watchlist if it’s not there already.

I was thinking I’d trigger it via IFTTT and have it filter out any “liked” videos that are not trailers (by searching for words like “trailer” or “teaser” or something like that), then if it was a trailer of some kind, pass that onto an API or webhook or something (sorry, I’m kind of a novice at all this :grimacing:) and have it search IMDb for a match and add to my watchlist.

Is something like this even possible? I’d love your guys’ advice, thanks in advance for your help!

(Bonus would be to get an email if it wasn’t able to find a corresponding title on IMDb so I could take a look manually.)