Adding events to online calendar

I receive mostly via email, 20-25 event announcements each month which I would like to add to a public Wordpress online calendar to share with folks my various communities.

Presently it is a totally manual process where I enter essential event data from the email into the backend of a Wordpress website using Tribe’s Events Calendar. The calendar is on a webpage which all can access.

I do use Busycal and say that I am open to creating a new events calendar which then somehow could/would get published to a public webpage or other service which could be seen, and/or subscribed to by others who are interested.

I’d love to add some automation to this email-to-public calendar process and would love to hear ideas…

I am fairly tech savvy and favor a code less solution.

I look forward to hearing from those of of you who have already set something like this up or are eager to help!

Thank you

Can you share an example of the e-mail format, or are they calendar invites?
If you want to automate the processing of the e-mail, then knowing the structure of the inbound information is a key piece of the puzzle.

What e-mail service provider do you use?
Gmail for example offers advanced server side processing via rules and code.

What e-mail client do you use?
Again, the client can dictate processing approaches

Do you use any web services that might help in processing the mails?
I’m thinking some of them might open up opportunities for processing mails in one way or another.

Does the final destination calendar need to be displayed, a feed, or both?
You mention both but maybe as an either or; it wasn’t clear to me.

Do you host with WordPress or independent of them?
Self hosting, or with an alternate provider can often open up more access for customisation.