Adding duplicate events to multiple days

Great first episode! Excited for more! I went straight to the show notes to start grabbing Workflows like a kid grabbing candy from a piñata :laughing:

Wondering if @RosemaryOrchard, or anyone else, could help with a Workflow. I am wondering if I can tweak the Workflow: Event Template from the episode. I have been trying myself, but can’t quite seem to get all the way there.

At work, I have 4 different shifts types. I am scheduled in 3 month blocks, so I add many dates to my calendar at once. Each shift type always starts and ends at the same time.

Is it possible to create a workflow where I select many dates at once as an input (as in all the dates that I will be working a particular shift type) and then have the workflow run and add that event to each date I have selected? Is it also possible to have Workflow create the event at a prescribed start and end time so that I only need to select the date and not the time for each event (since each shift type will always be at the same time)?

Additionally, another thing I tried was adding a repeat to the end of the Workflow, but I can’t get the workflow to actually repeat itself. It’s most likely due to operator error since I am not very experienced with workflow.

Any thoughts or help would be much appreciated! Hopefully my question makes sense as written.

I would suggest something like this Workflow:

The list of dates should be line separated, and I hope this does what you want! (Warning, I’m very tired right now, I may have misunderstood your request!)


:sparkles:Rosemary!:sparkles: Thank you! This is exactly what I needed!! You’re the best!

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