Adding custom keyboard shortcuts to sub-menu options of Chrome extensions?

So I found a nifty little Chrome extension that allows me to save a web page, a group of tabs, or even the currently selected text on the page as Markdown. I rarely clip the entire page, and often use the “Copy Selection As Markdown” option within the extension’s sub-menu.

However, having to right-click the text, navigate to “MarkDownload”, then to “Copy Selection As Markdown” option is quite cumbersome – especially if I’m on a rampage clipping a bunch of stuff.

I tried adding a custom keyboard shortcut via System Preferences under Keyboard > Shortcuts, but it didn’t seem to work for menus and options for the right-click dialogue that pops up.

Does anyone know of a way to add a custom shortcut to these menu items? Or am I going to have to create some advanced KM macro for this?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Check the settings of the extension. There is often an option to specify keyboard shortcuts there. If there are none, you could always consider contacting the extension developer to add them, or look for an alternate extension that supports keyboard shortcuts for the functions you want.

Yeah I checked the extension settings and unfortunately there was an option. I’ll definitely reach out to the developer though, that’s a good idea.