Adding a PinBoard entry to Share Menu

I have been using PinBoard to manage my bookmarks forever, and I like the app, but I am missing one function that I think is hiding in plain sight.
On macOS, I’d like to have a share menu entry that allows me to save a link to PinBoard quickly. I am currently using the Pocket share menu entry, and then using PinBoard’s Pocket Sync functionality to make this work. Unfortunately, there is some lag in the sync process.
Is there a way to add PinBoard to the share menu?

I don’t know about the Share menu, but the bookmarker for pinboard app has an extension that adds a toolbar button in Safari. It works really well and the developer is responsive to feature suggestions made at the app’s github page.

I’ve used the pinboard bookmarklet for years, but have also used Spillo which adds a share sheet item. I probably only open it every few months though - the site and bookmarklet are more than enough for my needs.

Thanks, all! i use the bookmarklet all the time. I just need something that is easier to use when I am reading email. I will take a look at Spillo.