Add URL to iOS Home Screen via chrome w

Safari iOS allows user to add website link to Home Screen via share menu but there seems to be no way to do this via Chrome iOS.

Anyone have a solution?

If you mean to open in Chrome, then you could manually create a shortcut using the Open URLs in Chrome action with your desired URL.

Then add that to the your home page in the usual way via the Add to Home Screen option on the share sheet for the Shortcut.

If you mean add a link that will open in Safari, to the Home Screen, from Chrome, then without creating a hacky workaround like Shortcuts used to use for home screen launcher, via a share sheet shortcut, there isn’t a built-in way. The hacky way would use a shortcut to generate a data url on the fly that would open at that point in Safari and then from there you could save to the Home Page… but as you may have realised, you may as well just open the page directly in Safari at that point without all the data url business.

So the simplest approach for this would simply be a share sheet shortcut to open a URL (in Safari), and th e share to that from Chrome and save to home screen manually from there.

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Opening in Chrome is exactly what I meant - I should’ve been clearer. :sweat_smile:

Didn’t know about Open URLs in Chrome action. Wonderful! And thanks!