Add Transaction - easily add to budget forecasting / tracking Numbers file

Steps for usage:

  • You can optionally take a screenshot of a payment made from or to you, then run this shortcut and select the image.

  • If using an image as info, the shortcut will try to extract the amount and the date for applying the amount. It will then include that in the following prompts:

    • “What is the amount?”
    • “Is {amount} outgoing or incoming to your account?”
    • “What transaction name?”
    • “What date?”
    • "Is this a temporary monthly recurring payment? (i.e. special 6 months payments to somewhere)
      • If yes, then “How many payments to be made?”
    • “Which account is the amount being applied to?” - Using the defined list in the shortcut
  • If a screenshot was used, it will now be deleted

  • Now the calendar event will be created on the date of the payment to be made

  • Finally, all of the information is entered into the Numbers file specified in the shortcut (default is: Finances.numbers)

If the balance in an account is forecasted to be negative, the balance will show in red for that account.

Setup of Numbers File:

  • Set bank names to match the bank names added in the shortcut during import
    set bank name(s)

  • Input the starting total for the respective account

  • Start with the desired start date in the top cell for date in the “Expenses” sheet. The date highlighted in the cyan color is the current date (this will show in both “Expenses” and “Transactions” sheets

The template for the numbers file can be downloaded here on my GitHub page

Get the shortcut here