Add to OmniFocus via Alfred

First post, long time lurker;

Anyone out there happen to have a workflow for Alfred created already to quickly add an item to your OmniFocus inbox?

Saw a few old v2 workflows floating around but haven’t dived in deep enough to create one myself yet - figured I’d ask first just in case to avoid duplicating efforts.


Why not just use the quick entry shortcut? (Control + Option + Spacebar)
Saves you having to install and maintain the Alfred workflow, and same number of steps to complete the task.

And that, @JKoopmans, is why I thought to post here first :smiley:

I swear I knew there was a global shortcut, but even after some Google fu I couldn’t seem to put together a solid enough search to find it.

I’d still be interested in a quick Apple Script to fire up OmniFocus if it happens to be quit at the time, but the shortcut alone should absolutely tide me over until I work that out.

Thanks again!

Do you have Keyboard Maestro installed on the mac?

It occurred to me that could be automated to be part of a three key-combo sequence:


I hesitate to suggest a fourth: Enter

I was thinking you supplement the oF shortcut with a check if Of is running in Keyboard Maestro. Then it will be successful 100% of the time.

Or add a fillin script item with your cmd-c to afdd the project/tahs and/or dates

Go nuts :slight_smile:

Perhaps this? :blush:


Busy week and a half, sorry I didn’t get back to ya’ll sooner.

Ended up combining the premise of the OopsieFocus Script that @Kaitlin posted from Shawn Blanc, and a little Keyboard Maestro magic.

I do love a good AppleScript, but it seems, for me at least, every once in awhile they just break for some reason and I have to go and figure out what syntax or keyboard shortcut in an app I was relying on changed, so I figured straight KeyboardMaestro actions would have more longevity… so to speak.

Thanks for all the suggestions, appreciate your time!

OopsieFocus KM Script Download