Add Other as an option for Timery

Hey, peeps, I have a shortcut for starting a timer in Timery. Right now, it looks like so:

I am adding the option to start a saved timer, but what I wanted was a way to add an Other option to the list of Projects or Tags. I tried turning the Get Projects output to a dictionary and adding the option, but no luck. Is there another way to add Other to the Options?

I don’t use Timery, but I would…

  • Take the names of the timers and add them to a list.
  • Add the “other” option to the list.
  • Choose from that list.
  • If “Other” get the details from the user and set it.
  • Else, match the name to the list item and pass that in as you do now… unless timery simply accepts a name rather than a timer ‘object’, in which case, just pass in the name.

Hope that helps.

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