Add Due Time when Creating Reminder

I wonder if anyone can help with a question about creating an iOS Reminders shortcut

If I create a Shortcut to create a new Reminder, is there any way to set due times to those reminders? Ideally I would like the default to be 8AM tomorrow.

Check out the Edit Reminder action. Tap on the Detail option and you will see fields you can edit for the given reminder, including the due date.

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Thanks - that is helpful

I see how to set the due date to “Today” - how can I set it to “Tomorrow”? “Today”+1 does not work

Try typing “tomorrow” for the value. Shortcuts is pretty handy at interpreting that stuff :wink:


Well what do you know - it really is that simple :slight_smile: . You can even do “Tomorrow 8AM.”

Yep. Been like that since the first or second cond release of the Workflow app. It does some rather useful text parsing in any date fields.