Activating Shortcuts on the Apple Watch: Tap vs. Siri Shortcuts

Hi all! I’m exploring a curiousity: what’s the difference between activating a shortcut on the Apple Watch via a tap (e.g., in the Shortcuts Watch app or as a complication) and activating it via Siri Shortcuts?

I have a shortcut that runs successfully when I tap it, but fails when I name it via Siri: “I can’t do that on Ryan’s Apple Watch. Please try again on your iPhone.”

I imagine that Siri Shortcuts is trying to run the shortcut the same way it worked in iOS13, and hasn’t been updated to accommodate the fact that Shortcuts is now on the Watch? Any other ideas?

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Do you really have the screen real estate / complications real estate for kicking off a shortcut? And what is in it? A menu of shortcuts or something? (If I could do that menu I could spare one complication -on a 44mm Watch 5.)

Well, that’s the thing. I would rather activate this shortcut via Siri, but it fails. It only works when run from complication or from the Watch Shortcuts app. (When launched those ways, it works every time.)

It’s just a simple “add todo” shortcut. Ask for Input → URL encode → add to an app (NotePlan) via URL scheme.

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