Activating Keyboard Maestro macro while Mac is suspended/sleep

Perhaps this a very basic question but I am trying to automate my status in Microsoft Teams with Keyboard maestro. The idea is that at 9:00 am it changes to Available and at 8:00 pm it shows as disconnected. I have successfully programmed the macro so this happens when the Mac is awake. However, it is quite possible that during this time the Mac is suspended/sleep and then it seems that the macro won’t run because the Mac is not awake. Is there any way to automatically “wake up” the Mac and run the macro on this hours? I am also not sure if this can happen even if the password is not typed after waking up the Mac. Thank you in advance guys

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Have you set your working hours availability in your Outlook (Exchange/O365) calendar?

I had, but I do see this option anymore :confused: