ActionCuts - Easily embed shortcuts into other shortcuts, extract action blocks, view differences, and more!

Inspired by CopyPaste Actions by /u/schl3ck and MergeCuts by /u/ROPit, I decided to throw my hat in the ring and created ActionCuts, a powerful tool for embedding shortcuts within shortcuts, extracting actions from existing shortcuts, and viewing differences between shortcuts.

ActionCuts can:

  • Insert complete shortcuts or action blocks inside of other shortcuts.
  • Extract action blocks from shortcuts.
  • Save expanded shortcuts back to your iOS device.
  • Save action blocks in the ActionCuts Action Blocks Library for convenient access to your favorite code snippets.

Download ActionCuts on »

It’s all packaged in a beautiful interface with multi-lingual support (English fully, but 26 other machine-generated languages). It’s built on top of my forthcoming App Framework 2 system.

Full documentation on how to use ActionCuts is available here.

With ActionCuts, my code can finally become much more modular now that I can effectively cut, copy, and paste actions in other shortcuts. I hope you enjoy using ActionCuts to further your shortcut development efforts!


Awesome!! This will become one of my favourite tools!

Thanks! Let me know how you like it. I worked hard at getting the process of embedding shortcuts and extracting actions as easy as possible.