Action to return to Homescreen

I’d love to be able to return to my Homescreen upon completion of a Shortcut. I know Launch Center Pro used to expose launch://crash (or something similar) which would essentially allow you to do exactly that by force-crashing the app.

Has anyone come across a way to achieve this?

The only way currently is to force an active app to close … whether graceful or deliberaltely destructive.

I’m ok with destructive; any suggestions?

Kind of what you said in your post, but launcher://crash using Launcher (not LCP).

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Is this still the only way in iOS 13?

Not heard of anything else coming along, but it should still work. Are you having trouble with it?

I actually haven’t tried it yet but I was setting up some simple shortcuts on my parents phones and ran into this issue. I don’t like to install an app on their phone just for this single purpose. So if there is another way then I’d like to know.

There are a few Shortcuts utility apps in beta right now, and one of them has an “exit to homescreen” option - however this is also destructive. And another app to install (once it’s out of beta).

Deliberately crashing - on any platform - always seems like a bad idea. Not only might it create a log but it might leave artefacts. (For example a non-reusable address space ID might get “leaked”.)

Launcher has added a new one launcher://homescreen although, that might STILL cause a crash for all we know

Old thread but does this help?


Good one! I’m curious, how did you add SpringBoard to scripting in the first place?

I started with a shortcut that opens the Notes app.
The I made another shortcut that takes the first shortcut, saves it a a .plist file, then change the part that open the Notes app to SpringBoard. Then rename it back to .shortcut and import back to Shortcuts.

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Can you share an screen recording of the whole process from the start? I’m really curious.

This shortcut should help you understand the process.

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Thanks a lot bro. Really appreciate it.

This is great. I can’t figure out how to save scripting you created to favorites.
To add easily to other shortcuts I have created.

I made one to actually add that into your shortcuts.

Embed SpringBoard

This is great.
Thank you