Action to return to Homescreen

I’d love to be able to return to my Homescreen upon completion of a Shortcut. I know Launch Center Pro used to expose launch://crash (or something similar) which would essentially allow you to do exactly that by force-crashing the app.

Has anyone come across a way to achieve this?

The only way currently is to force an active app to close … whether graceful or deliberaltely destructive.

I’m ok with destructive; any suggestions?

Kind of what you said in your post, but launcher://crash using Launcher (not LCP).

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Is this still the only way in iOS 13?

Not heard of anything else coming along, but it should still work. Are you having trouble with it?

I actually haven’t tried it yet but I was setting up some simple shortcuts on my parents phones and ran into this issue. I don’t like to install an app on their phone just for this single purpose. So if there is another way then I’d like to know.

There are a few Shortcuts utility apps in beta right now, and one of them has an “exit to homescreen” option - however this is also destructive. And another app to install (once it’s out of beta).

Deliberately crashing - on any platform - always seems like a bad idea. Not only might it create a log but it might leave artefacts. (For example a non-reusable address space ID might get “leaked”.)

Launcher has added a new one launcher://homescreen although, that might STILL cause a crash for all we know

Old thread but does this help?


Good one! I’m curious, how did you add SpringBoard to scripting in the first place?

I started with a shortcut that opens the Notes app.
The I made another shortcut that takes the first shortcut, saves it a a .plist file, then change the part that open the Notes app to SpringBoard. Then rename it back to .shortcut and import back to Shortcuts.


Can you share an screen recording of the whole process from the start? I’m really curious.

This shortcut should help you understand the process.


Thanks a lot bro. Really appreciate it.

This is great. I can’t figure out how to save scripting you created to favorites.
To add easily to other shortcuts I have created.

I made one to actually add that into your shortcuts.

Embed SpringBoard

This is great.
Thank you