Action to exit Shortcuts app

All my Workflow scripts transferred successfully into the new Shortcuts app. I modified one of them to create my first Siri-activated script. Works like a charm. It has an input field which opens in the Shortcuts app. Hoping against hope… is there an action that will exit the script (and therefore Shortcuts) and return you to where you were when you said Hey Siri?

“Exit shortcut” maybe?

Exit shortcut will leave you in the Shortcuts app. If you have an app called Launcher then you can add a url launcher://crash and open said URL (with the open URLs action) then it will do what you would expect: crash Launcher. This will put you on the home screen which may be the easiest solution.


Thanks, mbk and Rosemary, I’ll give Launcher a look.

Rather than jumping to the home screen, I’d favour just using swipe gestures to flick back. There’s no guarantee on an iPhone that the app is on the home screen being displayed, but it is always just a couple of hops away in the task switcher.

I’m of course presupposing that this scenario isn’t placing the breadcrumb link to the previous app in the top left when Shortcuts finishes running; otherwise that would be an even faster option.


Thanks for,the tips, salumeria. FWIW, tapping the breadcrumb at the top left takes you back to the colorful, throbbing Siri input screen.