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My files/folders manager is Readdle Documents 6 app. As Sortcuts app does not let access local files in Documents 6, I’m trying to get it via other ways. And then I discovered Scriptable! I´m still not able to program anything with Scriptable yet but before I start learning, I would like to know if is it possible:
-get a list of the files in a given Documents 6 folder.
-get a given file from a given Documents 6 folder.
-save a file in a given Documents 6 folder.
-save a file in a given folder overwriting if it previously existed.

May URL Schemes be the solution?

In short, I would like to have the “Get file” and “Save file” actions related to Documents 6. And I hope Scriptable may get them, to collaborate with Shortcuts app.

Thank you in advance,

I think Documents is only offering storage via the standard iOS storage provider functionality; so no.

Documents does support cloud storage providers and this includes Dropbox. Therefore, since Dropbox has an API, you may be able to utilise that as a common storage area. Shortcuts can access Dropbox directly, but Scriptable currently cannot.

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I have an idea to make file management better in Scriptable and I’m planning to try it out for Scriptable 1.3. If it turns out to work, I believe it will solve your problem and let you work directly with folders from Documents 6.


Thanks!! In fact, “get file” and “save file” with Dropbox and then syncing with Documents 6 is my nowadays solution. It works quite well but depends on speed and stability of the wifi/LTE on the moment and place you activate the Shortcut.
Mi idea of getting access to Documents 6 locally is to make the Shortcut ultrafast.

Again, thanks!!
I will be delighted to know about this better way to deal with local files!! And in the meantime, I’ll learn to use a little JavaScript and Scriptable.

Hi @palcaide. I just wanted to let you know that the current beta of Scritable adds “file bookmarks” which lets you save a file or folder from another app and work with it from your scripts.

If you’re not in the beta and would like to try this out with Documents 6, send me a DM in the forum and I’ll add you.

Wow! Simon, you’re great!!
But you’ve been so fast that I didn’t had time to learn a little about Scriptable. And I wanna be humble here; you’re a master programmer and many of these people are really experienced programmers and users. And I’m not at all. I’m only an IOS and Shortcuts user, with a particular need.
I even don’t know what a “DM” is !!! Please, could you explain?

Nonetheless, I could dare to try the beta. My first beta test ever!


That’s a direct or a personal message. If you click on Simon’s profile picture you will see an option to message him. :grin:

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Thank you very much !! :laughing::laughing::smile::smile: