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If you want to automate something on Android or have already done so, here’s the place to talk about it!

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I just started listening yesterday and really enjoy the content. I am solidly an Android user but I am able to enjoy your podcast because some of the apps (like IFTTT) exist on Android and some of the ideas are applicable even if the mechanism is different. Also, I just enjoy learning about other platforms. I have some specific thoughts and suggestions that I will share separately here, but I wanted you to know that I enjoy the work you two have put into these episodes and I look forward to any Android-specific topics or apps you decide to cover in the future!

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I use MacroDroid for automation on my Samsung 7 (Oreo). I use it to turn on and off WiFi, set ringer, vibration, change my wallpaper at sunset, turn on Bluetooth when I open Tile to find my keys among other things.

It can also do very complex things that I struggle to understand how to code but am amazed with the automated texts others have.

I think this would be a good one to cover.

*I apologize if you have covered this already, I still have another two episodes to catch up on.


Nova Launcher

Launchers are a big deal in the Android world as you probably know. Nova is by far the most popular and for good reason (It’s awesome and highly customizable).

I think this counts as a great automation tool, in large part due to its gestures feature that you can set to open specific apps or accomplish certain shortcuts. (of which there are dozens and dozens.

You can also do things like set any app icon so that if you swipe rather than tap it will open a different app or do a shortcut. For example, if I swipe up on my SMS icon, it takes me directly to my conversations with my wife so I can text her right away. Swiping up on my call button opens my voicemail.

I can make a folder look and/or act like an app. So, I have a folder of handy URLS, but it looks like Chrome and if i tap the folder it will open Chrome, if I swipe up it will open the folder.

^Just some examples.

FINALLY, Sesame shortcuts (Which now works with Nova if you pay the 3 bucks), opens up a list of shortcuts (some of which you can make up on your own) on any app you long-press, much like what iOS already does. The nice thing, however, is that you can edit this list so that it doesn’t keep showing you a bunch of shortcuts you would never use).


I just listened to your last podcast. Thanks for mentioning Android. I just wanted to reiterate how powerful Macrodroid is as I noticed you didnt mention that as one of the Automators you had downloaded.

Also, I cannot overstate how powerful and (deservedly) popular the Nova Launcher is. It completely changes the experience for me with gestures and many Sesame (as well as many other features, but those twoI seem the most applicable to your show).

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