A way to handle iOS shortcuts:// URLs in macOS?

Before you say no…

Here’s an example of a shortcuts:// URL that works for me in iOS…


It sits in the URL field of a Reminder and when I tap it in Fantastical or GoodTask, it runs a shortcut that finds a note in Notes.app called “> Master Bed Gate”.

If I can get the URL to Automator (by a click… not select/copy/paste), then I can unencode the escaped characters and simply do a Spotlight search to find my note.

Question - how can I get the contents of that URL? How can I read the link?

You might create a custom URL handler - see https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2418910/osx-defining-a-new-url-handler-that-points-straight-at-a-python-script for an example.

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Thank you for the pointer.