A Question About "Get File" in Shortcuts


I’m trying to develop an iOS shortcut that will let me select a file from Dropbox and will then create a new note in Bear containing the text from the selected file.

My Shortcut thus far looks like:

Get File -> Get Text from Input -> Create Bear Note -> Add to Bear Note

It more or less works if the target file is in the root of my Dropbox directory, but the file picker won’t let me drill down into sub-folders. When I tap a folder, Shortcuts proceeds with the workflow, writing an “Archive.tmp” document into Bear. (Searching for the file solves this problem, but in my intended use of this Shortcut, I might not know the file name in advance–just it’s location.)

Have others experienced this issue with Get File? Is there a way around it?

Thanks for any advice you can offer!

I’m assuming you have more than 1 file inside your folder, templates of some sort.

A few options

  • Change the Service to iCloud Drive, then browse to Dropbox from there
  • Create a pre-defined list of files on Shortcuts, then provide the specific filename on Get File instead of using the picker
  • Move your templates to iCloud.

or make it a share sheet and select your source in the Files or Dropbox app then share

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The Dropbox integration with Shortcuts is barely there at all.

There is a known issue in regards to Shortcuts and Dropbox. See this discussion thread.

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