98: Automation Pot Pourri

I quite enjoyed this episode. And very much look forward to both Rosemary’s and David’s Shortcuts book and field guide respectively.

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Hey @RosemaryOrchard, I was trying to solve the problem of automatically changing Stream Deck Profiles earlier today, and stumbled across a couple of solutions on the Keyboard Maestro forum here. This is a bit hacky but it works!

  1. Use Script Editor, create a new file and save as an application.
  2. Make the “application” automatically quit itself using the AppleScript snippet below
  3. Repeat to create an application for each profile and then edit the Profiles in Stream Deck to switch when the relevant application runs (I initially copy & pasted the “application” but it confused the Stream Deck app, presumably as each one had the same name/bundle identifier internally)
  4. I got it working in Bunch by placing the profile application last and also focusing it with @
on run
	delay 1
end run
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Automate Switching Stream Deck Profiles

If you want to be able to switch Stream Deck profiles via keyboard shortcuts… Bartender saves the day.

Here I have set my HyperKey+1 to act as if I have clicked on the Stream Deck Menu Bar item:

When I press that button, even if Bartender is hiding Stream Deck’s menu bar item, it will appear like this:

Note that two of my profiles begin with numbers, “General” is #1" and “Zoom” is #9"

So if I press HyperKey+1, then pause for a moment, then press 9, and ‘enter’ it will switch profiles.

Here’s what that looks like in Keyboard Maestro:

I chose Control+1 just as an example, of course. You could call this via AppleScript or shell script from Bunch etc when setting up a workspace.

I hope this will help @RosemaryOrchard and @MacSparky plus anyone else who wants to automate switching Stream Deck profiles!

p.s. - I don’t know for sure, but I think Bartender may also have AppleScript support. I leave that for others who are more well-versed in Bartender to investigate. The Bartender developer is also super and very responsive to inquiries,


This was a fun episode… even if David triggered several of us with his pronunciation of “potpourri”. :laughing:

Something that stood out for me was Rosemary mentioning she has over 1,000 shortcuts. I am clearly doing it wrong. :exploding_head:

Hahaha, I should note that I rarely delete Shortcuts. And I create a fair number for other people such as David and of course iOS Today every week.

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Another StreamDeck switching solution from the KM Forum:

I use the Macro to select profile by name - i.e. the name of the profile is embedded in the macro. I trigger the macro via a hotkey.

@RosemaryOrchard any chance we could get you and David to share the basics of your current streamdeck setups? For instance David mentioned his three buttons in the bottom left corner and I don’t recall what they were for.

Switching between different profiles.

Danke. My hope was that perhaps David and/or @RosemaryOrchard could be sold on the idea of sharing pictures of their stream deck profile(s). My hope is to learn more from the people who seem to use it the most.

Thanks for the amazing acknowledgements on the latest episode :blush:

Here are some extra bits that people might find useful relating to this episode…

Folder Actions

Just to note that as well as Hazel (the absolute gold standard for this stuff) and Automator’s folder actions, there is also Keyboard Maestro’s Folder Trigger that can be used to trigger file processing.

Obsidian Guide for Templater

Last year I wrote a post about how I was doing some automation utilising Templater and after a reader’s enquiry, this lead to me putting together another post on some of the basics of Templater, which was my most popular post of 2021. If people want to learn a bit more about using Templater in Obsidian, these might be worth adding to your reading list.

For what it’s worth, I also recently posted a follow up post to the original Templater automation post, which includes some improvements for automatically filing new templated content.