96: Automating Mikah Sargent

So I can’t believe that Rosemary brought up RocketBook without also mentioning the automation capabilities that are built right in. At the bottom of each page there are 7 symbols which can be linked to workflows - and if you cross through any of the symbols you can add a tag, save to a particular location or even e-mail to a preset mailing list.

Another product that they have is called Beacons, these are orange ‘corners’ that can be stuck onto a whiteboard and which allows for the same scanning and workflow options as using the book(s), although you just need to select the workflow yourself rather than there being symbols at the bottom to be chosen.

Also with the OCR, there is functionality which allows you to title your scans/pages if you enclose them in ## Title ## - though as Rosemary pointed out it does depend on your neatness/handwriting as to whether this works.

It could be that Rosemary knew how big of a rabbit hole this could have become and was purposely biting her tongue :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, that’s pretty much it!

I have some beacons on the way. I have a glass dresser top from IKEA in my office which I use as a whiteboard (a cheap way to get a really easy to clean whiteboard!), and the beacons should improve things quite a bit :smiley:

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